“Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe, the samurai… worshipped strength.

Because it is strength that makes all other values possible.” (Enter the Dragon)


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The Top Five Ab Training Mistakes
The full contact twist.
Photo courtesy Prof. Stuart McGill’s Spine Biomechanics Lab at the University of Waterloo, Canada

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman By now, proper abdominal training should not be a mystery.  The body of experience and scientific knowledge serve up powerful methods on a platter—yet they get lost in the Internet noise… Perhaps a fashionable “list article” … Continue reading

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory?
Snatch Test

By Brett Jones, Chief SFG Instructor   It is approaching. The event you have been preparing for is drawing near. Does it approach with the sound of the Jaws theme (da) or the Rocky theme? I’ll let you think about … Continue reading

StrongFirst after Pregnancy

By Abby Clark, SFG   In September, 2014 I had the opportunity to assist at a StrongFirst Level I SFG Certification in Philadelphia. I was a little nervous because I just had my first baby in May, 2014 and I … Continue reading

How to Build Your Slow Fibers Part III

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman To put this article in context read Should You Build Your Slow Fibers?, How to Build Your Slow Fibers, Part I, and How to Build Your Slow Fibers, Part II. Adding a triceps ST hypertrophy protocol … Continue reading

Success Comes in Many Different Forms
Willard Jim Sloan 1

by Andrea U-Shi Chang, Senior SFG, TSC Coordinator Willard (Jim) Sloan entered to compete in the Strong First Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) last October. People enter the TSC for a lot of different reasons, but Jim at age 56, entered … Continue reading

StrongFirst for Golf
Tiger Woods

by Chris Hook, TPI-FP3, SFG2, SFL You may not be a golfer or a fan of golf, but I am sure you have heard of Tiger Woods. He has been ranked the number one golfer in the world many times. … Continue reading

How to Build Your Slow Fibers, Part II
Karen Smith, Master SFG demonstrating the diamond pushup

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman   This article continues the series started in Should You Build Your Slow Fibers? and continued in How to Build Your Slow Fibers, Part I. Today I will present you with a plan that will increase … Continue reading

Optimizing Back Health With The Kettlebell Swing
Spine Shearing

by Scott Iardella, SFG II SFL We all know the kettlebell swing has many benefits. Would you put “back health” at the top of the list? I would. What exactly is back health? Back health means having a strong, powerful … Continue reading

How to Build Your Slow Fibers, Part I
Mahmoud Esambayevsquare

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman   Great Soviet dancer Mahmoud Esambayev (center) with an army big wig and a cosmonaut in the Kremlin. You may have guessed that slow fibers take slow movements to train them.  To appreciate the challenge of super … Continue reading

Bigger and Stronger with Chins and Dips
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.18.13 PM

By Stefan Hedengren     Training for mass without barbells is tricky business. I designed this program for just that purpose but before you write it off as just another bodybuilding routine you might be interested to know that it’s … Continue reading