“Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe, the samurai… worshipped strength.

Because it is strength that makes all other values possible.” (Enter the Dragon)


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Forward to the Past

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman     Next year is the thirtieth anniversary of the classic film Back to the Future.  What makes this anniversary special is 2015 is the destination of one of Doc and Marty McFly’s time travels. Sure, … Continue reading

The American Swing
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By Brandon Hetzler, SFG Team Leader   “All great truths begin as blasphemies” —George Bernard Shaw     The American swing (or the overhead swing – OH Swing): Is it good or is it bad? This is a tougher question … Continue reading

The TSC is About Participation, Community, and Strength

By Andrea U-Shi Chang, Senior SFG, TSC Coordinator     The Spring Tactical Strength Challenge had over 350 competitors. Most had a lot of experience with the kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight exercises, but some had never pulled a barbell deadlift prior to a … Continue reading

Hardstyle for the Sport Guy: Simple & Sinister for Kettlebell Sport Athletes
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By S. H. Mathews     Pavel Tsatsouline’s Simple and Sinister program is a reworking of his second program minimum — the swing and the get up.  The program minimum from Enter the Kettlebell left readers with room for interpretation … Continue reading

SFG Chicago 2014: An Event for the “Ages”
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By Jim Hatcher, SFG Editor’s Note:   If you have heard anything about the SFG Certification, you have heard that it is a grueling, difficult, and demanding 3 days. There is nothing gratuitous about the intensity of this challenge, however. … Continue reading

10 Things to Know About Preparing for Your First Powerlifting Meet
danny deadlift

By Danny Sawaya, SFG Team Leader, SFB, SFL   Editor’s Note:   You’ve thought about it.  Maybe you have even talked about it. Since learning the basic powerlifts and discovering the joy in lifting heavy things, the thought of training … Continue reading

The Origins of StrongFirst Programming

By Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman     There are many ways to get strong.  Most are mediocre, some are effective, a handful are extraordinary.  One—if not the only—system in the third category is the Soviet Olympic weightlifting methodology of the 1960s-1980s.  … Continue reading

From Weak to Beast in 6 Months
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By Tim Almond, SFG II   I had always really struggled with my pressing.   I’m not just talking about building pressing strength; I’m talking about the actual execution of the press. My press had never felt smooth, never had … Continue reading

Focus (Kime) and the Hard-Style Swing

By Reneta Music, SFG II, SFB, SFL     “You need to keep your abs tight.” “Grab the floor with your toes and tighten your legs.” “The only part of your body that should be loose are your arms.” “Mrs. … Continue reading

Using the Hanging Leg Raise Progression to Build a Solid Strength Foundation
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By Mark Snow, MA, ATC, SFG-II, FMS   Not too long ago I went to a conference and one of the items we worked on was to assess pelvic stability. Upon finishing the pelvic stability portion of the conference, I … Continue reading